1997 – ongoing Inference and Physics – Active project that is focusing on uncovering natures logic behind the structure of physical law. My interest as well as the specific ideas on analysing this was triggered during during my physics studies when I was trying to merge the conceptual foundations of the quantum mechanics where the observer and measurement are paramount, and the paradigm of classical mechanics where measurement and observers can be reduced to practical matters. I was also severely disturbed by the ad hoc way the subject matter was presented. I felt that there had to be a better way of exposure and explanation. A couple of years later i decided to commit to the intimidating task of trying to work this out as there is no defendable excuse to ignoring it.

2003-2006 Brewing, fermentation and yeast – Project focused on achieving an understanding the chemistry of beer and the brewing process and logical behaviour of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during fermentation from the perspecive of evolutionary biology. How the priorities of the energy expenditure to balance between handling environmental stress and growth influences flavour formation in the beer. This project, and in particular and attempt to make simulation of the fermentation process, lead me to interesting insights on the limitations of reductionism when it comes to evolving systems that further boosted ideas that are present in the inference and physics . I noticed that abstractions of problems spotted in evolutionary biology are identical to problems found in inference of physical law in attempts to find a framework to unify forces in an evolutionary context.